Sunday, August 31, 2008

So much...

for shiloh being due on the 8yh. Last night she went into labor and had a baby boy this morning at nine twenty. he is 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19 1/2 inches. He has tons of black hair and his name is Tenzin Michael Bess. he is adorable! She did natural childbirth too. OUCHIE POO!

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Baby Updates

I finally got a prego picture of Shiloh who is due on the 8th of September (less than two weeks.) So here it is!!!!!!

It also comes in other colors....

Wedding Ring

I found this ring I really like for Kelley. If he doesn't like it I will die. I think It's cool because it's the Sparta collection so It's made to look like a warrior's ring or something. And Kelley is in the Marines so it fits. What do you think of it?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The latest baby update.

So these are my sister-in- law Bekah's latest baby pictures. Shiloh is due in just a couple weeks. Bekah is due November 4th I think and Fontanna is barely starting to show. I can't wait!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Other Gerard Butler must sees...

The Phantom of the Opera and 300. Yes........

P.S. i love you

I recommend it be seen. It is amazing. I cried like every ten minutes. It might have had something to do with the fact that my love was leaving for boot camp the next day but still. It has to be done. Don't die without seeing this movie. Gerard Butler is amazing. His accent alone in this movie makes it worth it.

Koi Fishing

The day after we climbed Mount Borah me, Jessie, Nathan, and William went to this hidden canal in the hills that is filled with HUGE koi. They were crazy huge. so we took nets and tried to catch them but it didn't work out for us. We caught a little baby one. It was fun though.

Mount Borah

So me and my sister jessie, her husband nathan, my uncle steve, my dad, and my brother william climbed mount borah on the 15th. on friday. it was pretty crazy. it's the tallest peak in idaho. there were some parts with rock climbing and some snow. it took like ten hours to get to the top and then three and a half hours to get back down. by the time we got to the bottom our legs were jello. my uncle had a hurt ankle though so my dad stayed behind and helped him down the mountain. ill post some pictures sometime.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i got a letter from Kelley. He seems fine. It doesn't sound like he is traumatized or anything. YAY!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nothing important

So I have decided that guys should only be allowed to wear aviator sunglasses. No others can compare to the awesomeness.


I've started packing up all my crap so it is ready when me and Kelley move...whenever that is. I'm just gonna keep out some clothes and makeup and hygiene stuff and the rest is going in boxes. And once it's all packed I'll live with his mom. I hope that's ok with him that i steal his old room and his mom. Can't really ask him. Pretty much lived there before he left anyways.


So me and my friend , Kayla went to see Batman and i have to say it was definitely worth it. I loved it anyways. Yes... it must be seen at least once. It was a bit creepy but in a good sort of way. nothing traumatizing...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bekah's tummy tum tum.

Well here is Bekah's latest picture.

Fontanna is a growin...

HEY! that's my shirt. Here is another baby factory (Fontanna.) Shiloh is due in less than a month. Bekah is due in about three months. Fontanna is due in like March or something. Jessie and her husband just started trying. i will have four new nephews/nieces in the next year.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So the managers just called and said they went over there and knocked on the door but no one was home. WHAT?! So they asked if we should call the fire department and i said id try to put it out myself and call back. so i sprayed the hose over the fence and put it out and probably saved their house and our house and everyone around here's house. It better have been an accident because who lights a fire in their own backyard, a foot from their house, and leaves or goes to bed. Im so grumpy about it.


So i went out the back door of our trailer just now to feed Dino (the dog) some leftovers and the trailer behind us had a fire in the backyard. it looked like they were burning some wood but it was like a foot away from their trailer. and our trailer only has a small yard that separates us from the fire. i wouldn't be so concerned if someone was out there at least watching it but i haven't seen anyone for like half an hour. do they know how fast trailers burn? so i called the park managers and left a message but they are closed. im so pissed. im gonna call again tomorrow with the house number and make sure the managers do something about it. i won't lose everything because of a bunch of idiots. BAAAHHHH!


So I'm moving in with my mother-in-law this month. I think it will be good for all of us. Fontanna and Zach will have more room and privacy here at the trailer and me and Kelley's mom can keep eachother company because we both miss our baby. Plus our crap will be all packed in the same place when he gets stationed somewhere and we have to move. Tis a good plan i am thinking. plus zach got a job that pays like 14 dollars an hour so they should be fine paying for the trailer. if not i can help them out. i don't mind.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


dogs that dig up my little garden...and mom's garden....and everything else. why can't they just dig up all the acres of insignificant dirt?

at this point...

in my life. i don't appreciate dogs very much.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Im all alone....there's no one my side....

So I never realized how hard it would be to not have my man around until like almost November. So friends this is a good time to take advantage. I want the time to pass by quickly so if you need a babysitter or want to hang out or need help with anything I am available. Even if you want your lawn mowed or something...anything to take up the time. sucks being alone and stuff. And maybe i even like you. Especially when the babies pop out. ill be free except when i work which isn't very often so i can cook and clean for you and stuff. hee hee! Yeah...


So there is this lady that stands outside of Walmart and holds up one of those homeless signs. So i was driving past her the other day and saw that her water bottle was frozen. It had one of those big chunks of ice floating in it. And i thought to myself, if she is did she freeze that water bottle? Does she plug her freezer into her cardboard house? It just seemed awful suspicious to me.

Friday, August 1, 2008

house sitting

So i have been stuck house sitting for my parents for about a week. well, it's more like farm sitting. reminds me of the old days when i had to do all this crap every day. lame.....fontanna didnt help either because she was pregnant, or lazy, or whatever fontanna did before that. haha! my parents house is so creepy and hidden back in the trees down a long driveway over a bridge. i hate sleeping here alone. i wish i had my husband to sleep with me. im all paranoid. it's nice though because i have a whole house to myself to cry myself to sleep in. i miss kelley! anyways...this house creeps me out. cant believe i used to live here....