Tuesday, January 26, 2010

See Ya!

So tomorrow (I guess today now....) I am leaving to vist home (Idaho) while my husband is deployed. I am very excited to see my family again. I don't know how much blogging I will be doing and my Etsy store is closed for now but I'm sure you will see me on here every once in a while. See you all later!

Here is a sweet picture of Bella and her daddy. I love how he is looking at her. It is so sweet!

Friday, January 22, 2010


All of my blogs recently have been about Etsy and crafting so here is some real life stuff...

I have always been one of those people who likes to dye their hair but I havn't gotten too since before I was pregnant. So this time I decided on platinum blonde. Yay! Aw somebody snuck a chubby arm into the picture!

Here is Bella doing some "tummy time" in some of the ruffle bottom pants I make...dang how did I get back to crafting?

Gotta love the bath time nakies!
AW! chubby! I love that little bum bum!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

The item I donated sold! I'm so happy that I could make a small contribution. : ) I encourage you to do the same! Either donate something or purchase something!


I sold these two items in my shop the past couple of days. The ruffle pants are probably one of my most favorites. They are absolutely adorable! I love the model way more than the pants though. lol. I'm surprised I have been having pretty steady sales since I havn't added anything new to my shop for a while. I'm just kind of letting it sit and clear out a bit while I focus on getting things done around the house. I think LINK LOVE has helped a lot too. You discover so many cool sellers that way. Too bad I have to put my shop on vacation mode since I am flying back home while my husband is deployed. Oh well it will be nice to take a break from this crazy desertand it's 115 degree weather and flash floods!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Donation to Hearts for Haiti

The Hearts for Haiti shop is made up of donations from etsy sellers. Shipping is free for the customer and payed for by the seller. All the money goes to help the DoctorsWithoutBorders effort. Not all of us can afford to donate our most expensive item but every little bit helps. Shoppers or donations are all helpful! I donated these cute hair clippies yay!




You will recieve the cotton candy cameo cuff!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Etsy Sales

I sold the last 4 of these "Defending Freedom" wristbands today. They are my "PIF" (pay it forward) listing. After they are purchased I refund the buyers money thanking them for supporting those in our military and asking them to pay it forward. I hope they do!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

100 Facebook Fans Celebration giveaway!!! CLOSED

In celebration of reaching 100 Fans on my HawKrafts fan page on Facebook I am doing a FREE giveaway from my HawKrafts etsy shop. I am offering the winner one free item of their choice from my shop. If you win you can pick any item from my shop free of charge and with free shipping! (wedding dress not included sorry lol) Here are some of my favorites from my shop.

This pin up girl hand towel with a matching hot pot holder would be so cute to decorate a little housewife's kitchen!

This tank top looks like a corset decorated with lace and pearls!

I love this skirt. I sewed on a skull applique that I hand made and on the back there is a matching bow and some skull fabric ruffles!

~*!So here's how to enter!*~

  1. Go to my shop and pick the item you would want to win and leave one comment on this blog post telling me what it is! and/or....
  2. Leave one more comment telling me if you follow my blog and/or
  3. Leave one more comment telling me if you are my friend on myspace and/or
  4. Leave one more comment telling me if you are a fan on Facebook

(each comment counts as a seperate entry so you have a possibility of 4 entries! 4 chances to win! so leave 4 seperate comments)

*The winner will be chosen on the 20th of January. Make sure you check back to see if you won!

If you are unable to enter the contest here you can enter on facebook!

2010 Etsy sales so far this year...

I have had four sales so far this year. Not very many but not too bad since it's just a hobby. I really want to get into it more but I am going to have to put my shop on vacation since I am moving back home for four months while my husband is deployed. I have had 100% positive feedback from customers so far which I REALLY didn't expect. I have made 39 sales since I started in June. I was pregnant and lonely and bored and needed something to keep me busy. Back then my house was pretty much spotless so I just had to tidy up and then I had nothing else to do but craft Craft CRAFT! I bought some patterns recently and I want to practice some more at sewing. I really love to sew. Anyways I plan on doing a FREE giveaway once I reach one hundred fans on my facebook fan page
but idk if I will reach one hundred fans before I put my shop on vacation mode and fly back to Idaho! I only need 4 more fans to reach one hundred!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sleep Talking Man

So I read this really funny blog about a man who talks in his sleep almost every night and his wife records it. He says the craziest things!!! and in honor of it here are a couple of sleep talking quotes from my husband, Kelley. "You have to stop and realize just exactly what we have..." "Airborne Unit!!!" and one time my arm was stuck under his head and i tried to pull it out because it fell asleep and he suddenly grabbed my arm and said," *giggle giggle* You're trapped until the seals come..." It is so fascinating when he talks in his sleep. I should write down what he says.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Busy after Christmas break!!!

We just moved and right after we moved we went home to Idaho for two weeks for Christmas. Now that we are home Kelley is getting deployed on Thursday for six months. On top of that Bella is teething and her and I both have a horrible cold/cough. I am going back to Idaho in February for about three months... we don't know what we are going to do with Kelley's anaconda because no one will ship it to his mom's pet store and no one will let me fly with it. But we can't just leave it to die. Anyways there is so much we need to do before Kelley leaves but I doubt we will have time. I will probably end up doing it all after he leaves. Good thing I got that power of attorney..... My hobbies will just have to wait because I don't even have time to do the things I need to do! I'm totally stressed out but here are some Christmas pictures!