Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Frozen Themed Birthday Party

For her 5th Birthday party, my daughter wanted a Frozen theme. Here are the decorations and activities, and where you can find the recipes, tutorials, and decorations.
Melted Snowman drink labels : Some people are worth melting for. Found on Etsy.com.
Kristoff's Ice Blocks are just blue (Can also use white/clear) Jello Jigglers. 

Olaf's Noses can be carrots or cheetos.

I mean it's crazy...What? We finish each other's.... Sandwiches! That's what I was gonna say! Serve small sandwiches or rolled tortilla wraps.

I came up with this activity. Frozen tree decorating. Waffle cones covered with frosting and kids can decorate with blue sprinkles and candies and then eat them.

For the drink we used this recipe but eliminated the ice cream.
Elsa's Ice Painting

When it dries, it looks like ice crystals. Here is the tutorial. We used twice as much epsom salt as the recipe calls for, and let it cool for a while and it works better.
Happy Birthday, Bella Rose!

Frozen Makeovers. We had Frozen temporary tattoos (Walmart), Silver, blue, and purple nail polish, and handmade felt snowflake hair clips.
Frozen Sensory Snow table. I found the recipes here, here, and here.
 Cotton balls threaded on fishing line to look like falling snow.
It's difficult to see the cotton ball snow in pictures. It's easier to see on this blog, where I got the idea. 

For the photo booth, we had these fun props, found in this shop on  Etsy.com.

Click here for paper snowflakes. (or they can be easily made yourself, like I did)
Don't forget to take a coronation favor when you leave! These are just favor cups filled with Frozen themed candy and tied with tulle and ribbon. 

"Anna" and "Elsa" taking a nursie break after partying all day!

Only the best for our princesses!