Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Tu Tus

I have been working on a couple of tu tu sets.

This on is turquoise and black with a detachable zebra bow.

Comes with a matching headband with a detachable black flower that has a blue bling center.

Matching leg warmers with three layers. Top layer is turquoise tulle, middle tutu layer is black, and then a layer of zebra fabric : )

This one is pink and black with ribbon tied in with the tulle

Also comes with leg warmers that have three layers of pink tulle, black tulle, and leopard print fabric. The black headband comes with a detachable heart shaped yoyo fascinator. : )

Joshua Tree National Park 2011

This week you can get into all National Parks for FREE! We decided to head to Joshua Tree National Park just a few minutes from out house. We haven't been for a couple years when we first moved here. We didn't venture in too far or do any of the hikes but we checked out the cactus garden and some rock formations.
Bella - "oooooOOOOoo!"
My husband like to photograph desert plantlife.
I love this one of Bella!!!

I like how he captured the bug on this flower

Cool rock tunnel


In the cactus gardens

Bella and daddy in the cactus gardens

Bella running free like a wild savage : ) I love how she takes her baby dolls everywhere.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Recently we went to our friend's, the Stocks, wedding ceremony. It was a really beautiful ceremony and I got all teary eyed! I never cry lol.

After that we decided to visit the beach while we were already down there.

We went to Mission Beach and it was tons of fun! A little chilly still but Bella loved it.

Daddy's Girl!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bella's Bedroom

I did a little remodeling in Bella's bedroom and I thought I would share! I got here this adorable zebra print bedding for her toddler bed....well mattress for now lol.

Matching curtains!!!!

Also came with this ADORABLE bedskirt but obviously I can't use it until we get her an actual bed. Can't wait!
Her tv and giant bin of "babies"
Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling : ) These are fun at night

My mom and I painted the picture frames in zebra print, giraffe print, and leopard print. We also made the wall decoration. You can't really tell but it's an elephant holding up the tulle. Anyways I love it! : )