Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gun fun

Kelley and I both decided we should get some guns for the zombie apocalypse.

I got a cute little blue revolver.

Kelley got a HUGE revolver and then this little pistol

Kill me some zombies.

I want a tommy gun tho. I don't think my revolver would get me very far.....

Brenda's Service / Oklahoma

Bella on a farm the Pope farm in Oklahoma. She loved chasing the chickens.

a cool old house

a little "shooee" as Bella calls them

looking at the farm

Petting aunt Kelsey's dogs

A picture collage of Brenda

Her funeral service

Kelley and his mom and brothers and Bella

Kelsey, Trevvor, Bella, me, Kelley (Kelley spilled coffee on his uniform and couldn't wear it)

Kelley's mom's side of the family