Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fishy Suicide

My fish jumped out of its bowl and died today.


So Bekah is the only cool sister that posts pictures of her prego belly. but im so excited im gonna have two new nephews in the next couple of months! and fontanna will have a baby in like march or something. and jessie is gonna start trying soon. and i will too in the next year or two. i don't think kelley can go babyless much longer. but ill hold off as long as i can cuz i wanna spend time with my new husband first....and i can't even start spending time with him for like five months cuz he is at basic training and then he will head off to school of infantry. in fact today is his first day in boot camp. he probably arrived really early this morning. i hope he isn't too traumatized. it makes me mad that people are yelling at my husband right now. makes me wanna kick them all in the balls! haha! but he signed up for it so i guess it's his own fault. anyways. i got off the subject. BABIES!!! maybe i will be brave enough to watch one be born....probably not though. i think the special part is the actual baby......not the bursting forth of it. NASTYIFY ME CAP'N!

Monday, July 28, 2008

When I Will See My Muffin Again


Create yours at BlingyBlob.com!



Create yours at BlingyBlob.com!

Debit card

so earlier i wrote a blog about how i lost my debit card and had to go through all this crap to get a new one. haha! it didnt even matter because we got a joint account after we got married and had to get new cards anyways. so now i just have to cut up the other one that i went through all the trouble to get. fail.

See Ya In Thirteen Weeks...

So my husband left today for marine basic training. i went to the airport this morning and spent about half an hour with him. i also saw my dad on the way to washington d.c. i didn't even get to spend his last night here with him because he had to stay at a hotel. lame. so i won't see him again until his graduation in san diego on october 24th i think. don't know for sure yet. i am very very proud of him and i can't wait to see him again. tomorrow is our one week anniversary of being married. aw well. im glad he is going to be a marine. i know he will do good because he is a beast. i will miss him so much but i can wait a couple months.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Elope Festival.

so i just thought id just get it out and tell everyone that on tuesday me and kelley were trying to decide what to do about "us" when he leaves for bootcamp. and before you know it we were at the courthouse getting married. (his idea, didnt have a gun to his head or anything. lol.) so im his wifey now. and we are all twitterpated and happiful. This is a picture of us right before we left to go to the courthouse. haha so dressed up.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


i went camping up in McCall and it was really pretty. we swam in this beautiful lake and jumped off cliffs into it. they had public beaches that were pretty fun and our campsite was all secluded with no neighbors. we built a big fire and it was all toasty. we all probably have west nile now but oh well. it was funly fun.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So i was marking down panties today at ROSS and some lady hunches at me holding some black lacy panties. She said something like,"Do you have any kinda like this but i want them to be white. So i looked a little bit and handed her a few white lacy ones and she held one up to herself and said,"Does this look like something a sixty year old woman could rape her husband in?" and i laughed and she like fell on my arm and started laughing. i don't no if i should be amazed or traumatized.

Friday, July 11, 2008

an amazing date with an amazing man.

so prom kind of failed for me and kelley because i had to work all day before it and it was his first day meeting a marine drill instructor. so we were both tired and grumpy. we decided that we would just go on another date to make up for it. plus we wanted to do something special together before he leaves for marine basic training on the 28th of this month. yesterday we got all dressed up and fancy and went on a really expensive date. it was really fun and tasty. i will put up some pictures of us later. it was amazing.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

*kill self*

my parents disowned me because my alarm didn't go off and so i didn't go to church with them. if my alarm would have gone off this never would have happened.