Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Roasty Toasty Care Package

It was very cold in Afghanistan in the winter so we decided to send some warmth from home!
Got these toe warmers on Costco.com without a membership for a really good price!

I painted some cheese on the box lol!

Bella did some artwork of our family camping.

A cozy blanket I ordered on walmart.com

Finished box.

Protein bars, sunflower seeds, trail mixes, ibuprofen for headaches etc.

A book, card, picture of our girls, travel size foosball, and a "naughty" book with coal.

Hand warmers from Costco.

12 Days of Christmas Care Package

We made him a bunch of little notes and treats and wrapped them up so he could have something to open every day until Christmas. This was while he was in Afghanistan during his third deployment. We also included some homemade chex mix that his mom made. It is one of his childhood favorites.
Each gift was labeled with which day to open it.

"If kisses were snowflakes, we would send you a blizzard!"

The girls had fun putting on lipstick and leaving red kisses on the snowflakes.


Pictures of all of us.

A card and a long distance hug from Bella. (her handprints and ribbon)

"hand santa-tizer" (three pack of hand sanitizer)

Chapstick "Merry KISSmas and a CHAPPY New Year"

Since he is brown and I am very pale skinned.

Christmas tree made of Natalya's footprints.

Bella and Natalya's footprint reindeer.

Nerdy gift. Note and a book.                                                                                        

Thanksgiving Deployment Care Package

Last Thanksgiving we sent this to my husband while he was in Afghanistan for his 3rd deployment. We like to go all out and make him laugh from our cheesy silliness!
The girls made me make a foot/hand print turkey haha!

Little Natalya's turkey. It said "Turkey turkey! I hope you like Jerky!" We sent jerky.

Bella's turkey

"We can't wait for you to hunt for us like turkeys at your homecoming!!"

 Muffins, pumpkin cookies stacked in the pringles cans, foot and body powder, baby wipes, laundry bags, headphones, SD card, gun magazines, homemade jerky from his mom, Mexican candy, Angry birds hand sanitizer and hat, MIO, hot pickle, chapstick.

Halloween Care Packages

Halloween is his favorite holiday so we sent two during his 3rd Deployment.

Package #1 mustaches, baby wipes, card, cookies, candy, foot powder, noodles.

Entire box of homemade chex mix to share!

It's scary how much we miss BOO!

Bella filled out this questionnaire all about her daddy.

Natalya footprint ghosts

Bella handprint spider

BSU Football Care Package

During his third deployment, we sent him this package themed with his favorite football team.
Our girls decorated the package with Blue and Orange paint.

They got very messy! Look at all the blue paint.

She was mad to be done painting.

Blue and orange hygiene and a BSU notebook, stamps, envelopes. Bronco scrubby!

Bronco blue and orange tortilla chips. Drinks are a bad idea to send lol.

Bella drew a picture for Daddy