Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My husband finally found us a house. The waiting list for on base housing has a three month waiting list. He found a house right off base that has a four month lease so we can move onto base after the lease is done. Now he just has to get a car hopefully this week and then Ill be off to California. YAY! and its really cheap rent for California but it's still pretty nice and has a fenced in yard. 

The Hen House

So my mom, aunt lissa, shiloh, fontanna, and i have a booth in this consignment shop in Emmett called THE HEN HOUSE. We put together a bunch of Valentine themed baskets and other things and our section in the store is so cute. It's all Valentine colors. I am so excited. I hope our stuff sells well especially nowadays. But we priced them fairly. mostly all of our stuff is under ten dollars and a lot is even under five dollars. So i think we will do alright. I also want to start selling things online at etsy.com. it's an AWESOME site. anyways i hope we do well and i hope people like our stuff. : )