Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Footprints

When my daughter just came home from the hospital I put ink on her feet and stamped them in her baby book. To get the rest of the ink off I took a piece of paper and stamped her foot down the side three times. Well I scanned the paper and thought it might be cute to print out as stationary or make a background out of or whatever you want to use it for. Feel free to steal them if you would like.


black and white

the original red

Just click on the picture to view it larger!

Down In The Forest

I was asked to do a blog post on a shop called Down In The Forest.
She also has a Facebook page.
It is run by a fellow military wife.
Here are some of my favorite items out of everything she makes....she pretty much makes EVERYTHING!

Her "Lovies" are so adorable! They are unique little stuffed friends.

These little baby doll sets are so cute.
Little swaddle blankie
wipes and
diapers that you can snap to fit any doll

I love the custom take me home sets. They are so little and cute!

So go check it out! What is your favorite item?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Girly Girl

Now some people insist that I force girlyness upon my daughter against her will. But the truth is I just let her be her. Sometimes she can be such a tomboy. I let her play in the mud and get messy. Whatever. But she can be such a girl at times. Sometimes she will bring me a tutu and scream for me to put it on her. The other day she found some nail polish and brought it to me and pointed to her toes. So I painted them. She always watches me put makeup on and yesterday while I was putting on makeup she stood up on the toilet, grabbed some eyeshadow, and started putting it on her face. She would get some on her finger, put it on her face, then look in the mirror and say, "Oh wow!" or "Oooooh pitty!" (oh pretty) She loves giving herself and me makeovers. I didn't force her to be girly she just is. I am sure she will also be happy to go "catch rattlesnakes" and do other outdoor stuff as long as she can wear her tutu!!!!

Pictures : Bella and I with our makeovers, and one of her playing in the mud with a messy face