Friday, April 30, 2010


The winner of one free pair of legwarmers of their choice is:


email us your address and which pair you want from our shop
thanks for entering everyone!

Friday, April 23, 2010

FREE GIVEAWAY!!! leg warmers

In celebration of getting 100 "likes" (fans) on Facebook we are having a free giveaway. The winner will receive one pair of free legwarmers of their choice from our shop!TO ENTER:
To enter go to our shop and pick which pair of legwarmers you would choose. Then come back here and leave a comment telling us which pair is your favorite!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

ICU legwarmers

I am sending off four pairs today and my sister is working on some too! Please help too if you can. It will be so appreciated by this family.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today I received a message on Etsy from another seller. This is what she wrote:

We recently lost a baby girl to a rare genetic disorder shortly before she turned 5 months. While in the hospital she was only able to wear these baby leggings because of her ventilator and heart monitor. We are now collecting baby legwarmers to send up to the ICU she stayed at in her name. We're reaching out to our etsy friends for help with this so if you can help us out with this project, please contact me!
Thank you so much!

If you are able to donate ANY legwarmers please contact her HERE. She said size/color/amount doesn't matter. Every little bit will help. Even if you are unable to donate any infant legwarmers PLEASE REPOST this on your website to spread the word so we can help little friends like her sweet McKenzie!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Deployed Romance Ideas are working!

I went to my Facebook page this morning and my husband posted this on my wall:

Falling in love with you was the easiest thing I have ever done in my life...So I decided to tell you some of the reasons why I have such an imperishable love for you. #1- It felt so right when I held you on our first date. #2- Even after all the hard times you have remained loyally by my side. #3- Every time you laugh... it gives me goose bumps because the sound of you being happy makes me feel invincible. #4 The way you walk as if you have nothing to fear in this world because you know I will always be there for you. #5 How when we stare into eachother's eyes we can express our feelings for eachother without saying a word. #6 No matter how bad my day is, it doesn't matter because I know I'm always comming home to you. #7 How when you whisper "I love you" in my ear, is seems as if I will never need food nor water ever again as long as I have you

aw!!! I guess these ideas are working pretty good for our relationship!!! I tear up every time I read it. What a sweetie. My husband is SO romantic. I am so lucky and spoiled.
I love that he isn't afraid of just saying what he feels...and very beautifully! I suck at writing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Need 100 fans to do Giveaway!

Little Lives Count will be doing a giveaway once we reach 100 fans! Please go to our Facebook Fan Page and help support us so we can reward you with a giveaway!!!!

Deployed Romance Idea #4

Idea #4: Spray Perfume on Each Letter

I spray perfume on every letter. My husband loves it because it brings him back home for a few seconds. When my husband first left I used the last t-shirt he wore as a pillow case until the smell faded out. I have been thinking about having him send me one of his shirts if he has time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

FOR SALE on etsy

Here is my niece modeling a cute princess skirt along with some tu tu leg warmers.
I have the prettiest nieces of all time. One has curly golden locks and BIG blue eyes. It looks like she is wearing like five layers of fake eyelashes. My other niece is a quarter filipino has perfect milk chocolate tan skin and long long long golden brown hair and long model legs. She flips her hair with her hand and says," Beautiful!"

Deployed Romance Idea #3

Idea #3
Send him a romantic package.

I looked up a ton of ideas and put together a little package for my husband using lots of different ideas. My package to him includes : a letter I sprayed with perfume (before writing otherwise the ink will spread all over) some lingerie undies (washed of course yuck!) and pictures of me in them. ( OMG BLUSH i can't believe i admitted that) I wrote a love quote on the back of each picture. I also took a crazy funny picture so that it wasn't too seriously cheesy. As a joke I looked for the cheesiest romance novel I could find and tore out a couple really funny graphic pages. The novel I found is called " A Pirate's Pleasure." LOL! The lover boy in it is even named Hawk! Which I didn't even realize when I bought the book. Since my husband is in the military he goes by his last name at work and so he is "Hawk" at work instead of Kelley. I thought it was a really funny coincidence. Also his bank card got cancelled so I send him a little cash with each letter. I put in a 20 dollar bill with a big lipstick smooch on it. Hope he likes it!!! This is so not like me cuz I have a REALLY hard time being romantic and cheesy. Plus I'm a huge prude. I hate PDA!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bella Rose 6 Months

My sisters got professional pictures done of their kids by a lady who has an in home studio and she had a few pictures left on her camera so she offered to snap a few of Isabella. She does a great job! This is Bella when she was almost 6 months old. She is almost 7 months now and I am already planning an outfit for her next photos. hahaha babies are just so dang cute. She looks just like her daddy and nothing like me....I LOVE IT!!!

Here is my favorite one she did of my niece and nephew. Sweet kisses!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Deployed Romance Idea #2

Idea #2
Every day tell him one thing you miss about him

I will leave a comment every day on my husband's facebook telling him one thing I miss about him. Today I left, "I miss seeing your clothes in the laundry. Even your crusty boot socks." Just a small little thing that let's him know you miss him. Only takes like five seconds but can make his day. awww!

Deployed Romance Idea #1

Idea #1
Write a famous (or random) love quote at the top of your letter or email.

In High School I was never good at long distance relationships. For me if he was out of sight he was out of mind. Now I am a military wife and that just doesn't work. I think about my husband every second but don't really know how to let him know that I do since he isn't here? I have been researching things you can do to keep your long distance relationship romantic and keep him twitterpated while he is gone. Today I will start writing a love quote on the top of each letter to my husband. This is a cheesy way to start a letter and gets my brain on the right track to writing a good lovey letter. I forgot exactly what the quote I used today said but it was really sweet...they don't even have to be far away for you to do this! You can leave a little love quote note in their lunchbox or under their pillow.I also printed a tiny picture of our baby on her first Easter so he doesn't feel so left out. I will keep you posted on things I try and maybe you can use some of my ideas for your long distance love....

First Donation

Today we made our first donation to the Justice For All cause. We were able to donate $25 for the month of March! Not much but every little bit counts. Hopefully we get more sales this month and can donate more for April!!! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!