Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mulan Themed Birthday

 The sun was my enemy today while taking pictures. 
 I used Chinese takeout boxes for the party favors. "Can you stay forever!"
 I printed pictures of Mulan and attached them to the takeout boxes.
 Contents of favor boxes :
Folding Fan
Fortune Cookies
Chinese Finger Traps
 I wish I had the time and money and it would have been 
very cute to use teacups from a thrift store and a teapot/s! 
Someone else please use that idea.
 These are PB&J sushi rolls!
 We also served Chinese fried rice and egg rolls.
 In her Mulan costume hitting the Pinata. 
 She doesn't smile in pictures. 
 Photo booth with handmade props!
 Hanging pom poms and Chinese flags.
 Handmade props for the photo booth!
You can get your own props here! Click this link!