Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So Bekah is the only cool sister that posts pictures of her prego belly. but im so excited im gonna have two new nephews in the next couple of months! and fontanna will have a baby in like march or something. and jessie is gonna start trying soon. and i will too in the next year or two. i don't think kelley can go babyless much longer. but ill hold off as long as i can cuz i wanna spend time with my new husband first....and i can't even start spending time with him for like five months cuz he is at basic training and then he will head off to school of infantry. in fact today is his first day in boot camp. he probably arrived really early this morning. i hope he isn't too traumatized. it makes me mad that people are yelling at my husband right now. makes me wanna kick them all in the balls! haha! but he signed up for it so i guess it's his own fault. anyways. i got off the subject. BABIES!!! maybe i will be brave enough to watch one be born....probably not though. i think the special part is the actual baby......not the bursting forth of it. NASTYIFY ME CAP'N!


ArmstrongShiz said...

we lost our camera. otherwise i would already be all OCD and take a picture on the first day of every new prego month.

Antje Rasmussen said...

yah right!