Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Antje:"Dogs have the cleanest saliva in the world Chris:"It's because they eat poop..."

I really like swamp coolers. Except they don't seem to work in 110 degree weather. I couldn't get the house cooler than 82 degrees today... Also a flaw in the design of the housing units is that everyone's swamp cooler is located above their neighbors patio. So whatever your neighbor is doing on their patio comes in through your swamp cooler. So it smells like their bbq if they are cooking or if they smoke it smells like that. We were so lucky to get neighbors with a neglected dog on their patio. I think it's a half grown golden retriever. They never take it for walks, let it inside, or even go out to pet it. And it makes poopies all over the patio so when it heats up the smell of poopies cooking at 110 degrees comes in through our swamp cooler. YES!


Bekah said...

Ugh. Dogs are stinky. Dog poop is stinkier. Dogs who eat poop are stinkiest.

Antje Hawk said...

Yes....The quote was one of those pre-teen moments where Chris destroys my self esteem.