Friday, October 9, 2009

Bella Reflux Baby

Bella got a sore throat and started coughing so I brought her to the doctor. I guess she has reflux and was eating so much to soothe her throat. Her head always has to be elevated and after feeding her she has to sit up for fifteen minutes before I can lay her down. We got a humidifier which seems to help her throat. It just means more work for me and less time to clean and stuff. Oh well Ill just have a messyish house until she is a couple months older and a little more independent. She still doesn't weigh enough for her bouncy seat :( which is lame because it vibrates and she would like that and that would take care of her having to sit up for fifteen minutes. She doesn't like to be bothered while she is sleeping so she doesn't like having to sit on me for fifteen minutes while i pat and rub her back. She does like me patting her back though. It makes her tummy feel good. The vibrating would probably feel good too in the bouncy seat. Oh well... things will get worse and then they will get better. :) Can't wait for the better part when she can be on a schedule. I wish I could put her on a schedule now!!! Oh and here are some cute pictures I took.

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