Monday, June 7, 2010

Deployed Romance Idea #7

Idea #7 : Get him a laptop! Do it!

I sent Kelley a small laptop with a webcam a couple months ago. I REALLY wish I would have done it sooner in his deployment because we hardly ever got a chance to talk until he had his own laptop. It is definitely worth it. He always had to borrow someone else's computer or wait in looooooooooooong lines at payphones or the library and had time limits or buy phone cards that didn't work half the time and cost a million dollars. We skype all the time and he gets to see little Bella and Bella gets to see him. I would recommend using Skype or Yahoo messenger. Yahoo has video chatting and he can text your phone from his computer if you aren't at home so you can still talk throughout the day. These are things I wish I would have known sooner! Here are some snapshots I took while Skypeing with him. : )

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