Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Homecoming Outfit....HELP!

Here is my motivating Home coming outfit. We heard they are getting back anywhere from 3:30 to 4:30...the hottest part of the day!!! Oh well I guess after six months they might not mind sweaty wives lol.

Here is my top.

The back


Which shoes!!

I need your opinion ladies!!!


Anonymous said...

I like the ones that are second to the left :)

QuiXoticKiss said...

I'd go with a wedge for sure, they would be more cumfy and you'd be able to walk around more, especially if you need to walk on a lawn or gravel or dirt or somthing, which I don't really know if you do or not. The polka dot ones match the red and white in the stripes and the red ones would look really great if you did all red accessories and make up...I think I would need to know what make up colors and accessories you will be wearing to make a definate decission between the two wedges....okay this comment got really long and involved...sorry, I can't help it, you asked me about shoes!

Antje Hawk said...

everyone seems to like the wedges!

daisyzombie said...

Polka dots!!

Kasandra said...

You need to take down the time you listed that he was coming in. OPSEC!!!!

Antje Hawk said...

That's why I didn't put the date he is coming home.