Monday, October 28, 2013

Preschool : A Simple Picnic

 For Preschool Bella wanted to go on a picnic. In my mind I thought about how nice and simple it would be to have a picnic. Bella helped me pack the basket with some food and drinks and we walked over to the park. Nothing is simple when you expect it to be.
As we walked through the grass, a bee flew up my dress and stung me on the ribs. I flailed and pretty much ripped off my dress to get it out. Luckily nobody was outside or there would have been a lot of exposure.

After we ate our sandwiches, we walked toward the playground. Someone had let their dog poo right on the sidewalk in front of this Dog Duty Station and my little one stepped in it. Thanks a lot!

We had to head home early to clean up poop and put ice on a bee sting. It was a fun ten or so minutes though!

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