Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Deployment Care Package

Last Thanksgiving we sent this to my husband while he was in Afghanistan for his 3rd deployment. We like to go all out and make him laugh from our cheesy silliness!
The girls made me make a foot/hand print turkey haha!

Little Natalya's turkey. It said "Turkey turkey! I hope you like Jerky!" We sent jerky.

Bella's turkey

"We can't wait for you to hunt for us like turkeys at your homecoming!!"

 Muffins, pumpkin cookies stacked in the pringles cans, foot and body powder, baby wipes, laundry bags, headphones, SD card, gun magazines, homemade jerky from his mom, Mexican candy, Angry birds hand sanitizer and hat, MIO, hot pickle, chapstick.

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