Sunday, November 16, 2008

School of Infantry

So Kelley sent me some pictures from School of Infantry. I guess it is pretty difficult physically and stuff but they get liberty on weekends so they can go off base and he can call me on weekends and stuff. I'm glad I get to talk to him this time. It sucked while he was in boot camp cuz we couldn't communicate at all. Well I got five letters but he was gone thirteen weeks...and I loved those letters and read them like every night. I guess some of the guys in his SOI platoon carried people out of a burning motel. That is pretty cool. Brave. I'm really glad he likes it so far cuz he signed up for six years. I'm really proud of him. He is an amazing's hard to find a MAN nowadays.......bunch of spoiled momma's boys.....yeah anyways I guess he has thrown a hand grenade and they basically just shoot stuff and blow junk up and go on hikes so far.

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