Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spider Pig

So I was at Shiloh's house for this celebration dinner for Ben's blessing thing. And I was sitting there and I felt a pain on my elbow. So I kinda rubbed it and felt a lumpydoo. So I looked and a spider about the color of this text and about the size of like a nickel or dime or something was biting me. BAH! So I smacked it and it fell into my lap and I flicked it onto the carpet. Everyone looked at me like I was retarded. (Spiders are only supposed to bite you in your sleep. Then they crawl in your mouth and you accidentally swallow them...revenge! even though you aren't aware of it...) It was so stupid. I saw it's little fangs inside me. Stupid. I am still waiting for my superpowers to show up.....I still can't climb up the wall. :( soon........

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