Monday, April 6, 2009

29 Palms.....

Our house is pretty cute and not too small for this town. The only problem is the evil cockroaches but we don't see them very often. And I suppose there is no escaping them no matter what house we live in here. Even though it is the biggest Marine base it has a very small population. The reason it is so big is because of all the training areas out in the desert. The town outside the base is pretty small... smaller than Emmett. Mostly there are tattoo shops and Marine haircut places. The people that are not Marines or their families are very interesting. It seems like they aren't allowed to live here unless they have a hunchback or a limp. Kelley said they have to sign a special limping contract thing to be able to live here. You would think that the road outside the base would also have strip club after strip club. There is not even ONE within miles and miles of here. You would probably have to go to Palm Springs or something. This is because the only attractive people are married to Marines and the "Desert Yetis" (what they call the native woman) probably couldn't keep one in business. Our neighbors on one side are pretty nice. They are Samoan (sp?) and they just have BBQ's and play their ukalaili and sing. And they saved me when I locked myself out of the house and gave me food. Our other neighbors like to ask for money all the time and they have a million kids. The Samoans say they sell crack and i really think they do. The kids are really cute though and they always ask me for my clothes and shoes and I give them cookies and candy sometimes. They are so skinny... :( poor babies. Anyways. I usually stay in the house unless I am with Kelley cuz last time I walked down the road a guy stopped and whipped out his thingy and asked if I wanted to cheat on my husband today. I said no and then he asked if I just wanted to watch and so I ran off as fast as I could. Gross!

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Bekah said...

My ex-brother in law always went to LA to party, so my sister wouldn't know. Well, not until she looked at the credit card statement... He was pretty much a scumbag.

I'm still laughing about the Desert Yetis. That's hilarious.