Wednesday, June 17, 2009


bottom: Kelley wanting a snake top: anaconda

Kelley was having snake withdrawals so we finally went and got him a snake. He chose a female green anaconda. He named her Bubbles because she always blows bubbles while she slithers around in her water. We feed her two mice a week but are gonna try to switch to one rat a week when she gets a little bigger because they are more nutritious. Mice are like fast food for snakes I guess. Anyways, she is very nice and has never tried to bite us once...but she does have an odd little personality. Sometimes ill find her doing odd things in her cage. When we were buying her at the store the lady there fed her a live mouse. She crushed it's bones and drowned it at the same time. It was pretty cool but it was gross to hear the bones crunching. We switched her to frozen food (cuz the store is two far away to buy live mice twice a week....not as cool as watching her eat live mice) and we also feed her in a box instead of in her cage cuz we don't want her to ever think our hands are food when we reach in her cage. I just hope no one ever opens our freezer and sees the frozen mice in there. They might think we are creepy. So that's my story about Bubbles....

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daisyzombie said...

I like your snake. I also like Kelly's face when it does that. I like how you said that it's really nice because it didn't try to bite you... Ok, that's all folks.