Friday, June 12, 2009

Made some crafty stuff

So I have slowly been making things to sell on Hopefully somebody likes them. Anyhow...Im visiting Idaho on June 20th-July 3rd. Im pretty excited about it! Im gonna try to go to fetal fotos and find out what my baby is, visit Pocatello and see Jessie's baby, see Fonz's baby for the first time in real life......and I think I might get a baby shower. yay! Trevvor and Kelley's mom will be flying back with me and visiting for the 4th of July weekend so that should be fun too. Poor Kelley will be all alone and lonely for TWO weeks. He has friends to hang out with though so he shouldn't get too depressed. He is going on a MEU in January for six months. :( Im glad he isn't going to Iraq in October anymore though. He will get to spend a few months with the baby.

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