Sunday, August 30, 2009

36 weeks

Well I'm at 26 weeks now and I'm pretty much ready to get this baby out of me. I was kinda freaked out about popping out a baby but i watched a million videos on youtube and I'm not as worried anymore. Plus it will be totally worth it. Pretty sure almost every woman in the history of the world has done it and the human race seems to be successful in reproducing so I am not too worried anymore. I just hope my mom can be there and I will have Kelley. I have an appointment on Thursday. I havn't had one for about two months so hopefully they can give me some sort of an update on everything. They just finished a little park behind the laundromat on base with little water features like squirting flowers and fountains spraying out of the ground and buckets that fill up and then tip over on little kids faces unexpectedly. Im pretty excited about that.

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