Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update on the stinky patio dog

So a while ago I wrote a blog about the neighbors smelly dog that is trapped on a small patio and neglected and the smell of poo cooking at 110 degrees in the sun comes in through our swamp cooler and my prego nose hates it... and also it's high pitched barking all night keeping me awake. endless barking all day and night because they never take it for walks so it is restless and never tires from barking... it's worse than trying to listen to a puberty boy at church try to give a talk and his voice keeps cracking... well they moved today! so I am pretty happy about that.
And in celebration I will tell a preteen story:
One time we were all sitting at the dinner table and I was trying to be smart. I said something about how dogs have the cleanest saliva in the world and then Chris ruined it by saying ," It's because they eat poop." I suppose he is right. It doesnt matter if their saliva has special bacteria killing powers... if they just ate a pile of cat poo or a cow placenta you still don't want them to lick your face...

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