Friday, May 28, 2010

Deployed Romance Idea # 5

Idea #5 : Send him a taste of home
In this package I included
  • cookies
  • decorated pillowcase
  • snacks
  • Father's Day cards
  • compact mirror (explained later)

I took some pictures of the things I included in this package but my camera won't connect to my computer. Lame Sauce : ( I put together a Father's Day package for him because it is the last package I will be sending him since the last one only took a few days to get there but it took his chain of command a month and a half to get off their butts and give him his mail. He gets home in about a month and a half yay! Anyways I made him some no bake (Missouri) cookies. I have THE best recipe ever. I know that they are the easiest things to make in the world but this recipe is just somehow WAY better than all the rest. I think because it uses A LOT of sugar and real oats instead of oatmeal nast. I stacked them in Pringles cans to keep them from crumbling....(a good trick my mom learned while my dad was in Iraq) Also my husband's mother made some really good cookie bars for him. Next I picked out some pictures of some nice memories and printed them off on this special paper I got at Walmart and cut them out and ironed them onto a pillowcase. Then I had Bella help me paint a picture on it for him with fabric paint. Then I sprayed it with perfume so it smelled like me. Hopefully it makes him feel a little less alone. (I left one side of the pillowcase blank so he doesn't have to sleep on lumpy paint and pictures!) Me and his mom went and picked out a ton of snacks like Reeses and sunflower seeds and random stuff to fill up the empty space in the box. I got two cards for Father's Day. One from me and one from Bella. I put lipstick on Bella and she left little kisses all over her card. Next i took a compact mirror and wrote on the outside ," Guess who I'm thinking about? Look inside to find out!" Then I left a lipstick kiss on the mirror and put a little note inside that lists a bunch of things I miss and love about him. So that's it! Hope somebody can get some good ideas from this!

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