Friday, May 28, 2010

Mother's Day....FINALLY

My husband is deployed so I don't get to talk to him very often even though he is just on a MEU in Japan. For Mother's Day he did the classic trick where he avoids me and ignores me on Mother's Day and pretends he forgot and then surprise! Flowers! Except the flowers NEVER came. My husband felt SO bad and I was super pissed because why couldn't they fail to deliver to someone who got breakfast in bed and a babysitter and a hot date and a night of romance with their husband. I get NONE of those things so the least they could do is deliver my flowers GOSH!! I waited a couple days and then called Just Flowers to see what the issue was. I rescheduled delivery THREE times and then tried to get a refund TWICE. Nothing ever came and whoever the local florist was claimed they delivered the day after Mother's Day! Lies! Finally I guess I bugged them enough and called them enough that they gave me my flowers on the 27th just to get rid of me. They are so beautiful and it will get even prettier as the flowers bloom. The ballon says I love you. Today Tomorrow and Forever. AWWW! and the card says,
" Hi Sweetheart,
I just wanted to show you how much Bella and I appreciate you. You are a good mother and an amazing wife. I hope this helps make your day a little better. Be home soon!
Love, Kelley

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