Thursday, February 10, 2011

Down In The Forest

I was asked to do a blog post on a shop called Down In The Forest.
She also has a Facebook page.
It is run by a fellow military wife.
Here are some of my favorite items out of everything she makes....she pretty much makes EVERYTHING!

Her "Lovies" are so adorable! They are unique little stuffed friends.

These little baby doll sets are so cute.
Little swaddle blankie
wipes and
diapers that you can snap to fit any doll

I love the custom take me home sets. They are so little and cute!

So go check it out! What is your favorite item?

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DownintheForest said...

Hi ladies!! Just stopping by to show some love on the blog to support this awesome military wife who works hard to keep her blog updated for everyone! Thank you for posting this to promoted my store!

I'm here for all your needs! I'm a seamstress & photographer, I even do Scentsy! Imagine that! I think we have quite a few awesome ladies who do Scentsy here on base and in 29! But if you're looking for anything at all or exploring the cloth diaper world and have questions I'm here! You can contact me at or

I alter and take care of uniforms as well. Wedding dresses, special custom dresses and outfits for your little ones let me know!

Give Life of a Marine Wife a huge thank you for doing this blog and facebook page for everyone! She really deserves some credit!