Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bella's Bedroom

I did a little remodeling in Bella's bedroom and I thought I would share! I got here this adorable zebra print bedding for her toddler bed....well mattress for now lol.

Matching curtains!!!!

Also came with this ADORABLE bedskirt but obviously I can't use it until we get her an actual bed. Can't wait!
Her tv and giant bin of "babies"
Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling : ) These are fun at night

My mom and I painted the picture frames in zebra print, giraffe print, and leopard print. We also made the wall decoration. You can't really tell but it's an elephant holding up the tulle. Anyways I love it! : )


Themailmanskid said...

LOVE the creativity! It looks awesome! Will they let you paint there? I would so come and help you paint. :)

Antje Hawk said...

Ya we can paint if we prime it before we leave. but i just found out we could paint and we are moving home next month for the deployment to save money so there is no point! But when we come back i would love to paint!!!

Lissa said...

Love it - the colors are awesome - do you guys have big junk pickup up once a month - can find great treasures set out on the side of the road - you may even find a toddler bed! We used to pick up perfectly good things and sell them at the base thrift store - it was my favorite day of the month!