Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Tu Tus

I have been working on a couple of tu tu sets.

This on is turquoise and black with a detachable zebra bow.

Comes with a matching headband with a detachable black flower that has a blue bling center.

Matching leg warmers with three layers. Top layer is turquoise tulle, middle tutu layer is black, and then a layer of zebra fabric : )

This one is pink and black with ribbon tied in with the tulle

Also comes with leg warmers that have three layers of pink tulle, black tulle, and leopard print fabric. The black headband comes with a detachable heart shaped yoyo fascinator. : )


Bayley R. said...

i dont know if there was any other way to talk to you. but i stumbled upon your blog last year. and have looked at it every once and awhile. i haven enjoyed everything you have said. but i need help. and no one else can seem to help me with this. my bf is deploying soon. and i just found out this past weekend. im so bloody scared and unsure what to do. i know your husband was deployed. please any advice would help because i am on my own. what do i do. what can i do to make this easier on both of us?

Antje Hawk said...

Is he going on a combat deployment? My husband has never been on a combat deployment. Most people say it helps a lot to write lots of super positive letters everyday, send lots of pictures and care packages too. Also join a support group on facebook. : )

Bayley R. said...

yeah its combat deployment. everyone says it will be super hard. but they also say that my strong nature should help. and yeah iv been talking with alot of the other gfs or wives of the other guys who are going over with him. we are planing a few things to do together. and i have found a good stress reliver. Horses. iv started to train them again. thank you for your advice.