Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Care Package

This is my first care package I am sending for this deployment.

My daughter loved decorating the box for daddy!
Concentrating with her tongue sticking out...
I helped by adding hearts.
Finished... Happy Father's Day Kelley!
I think he will really love that she decorated the box and it will be sending a little bit of home to him. Toddler mess in a box! aw I know he misses her. She is daddy's girl. He is so involved with her. We are really lucky. Lots of dads don't really have anything to do with their kids and it is so nice to see him help out so much and he even willingly changes diapers without being asked! awesome!
A card that Bella decorated for him and a special cheesy card of romantic puke from me lol.
Goodies! Just random snacks for him to feast upon.


Lia said...

It must be so hard to have your husband gone so much, especially such a good one! You are one strong women! I love how creative you are and how you let Bella be so involved in it all! your a great person. keep up the good work!

Antje Hawk said...

thanks lia! You made me feel special for saying that!