Saturday, April 14, 2012

4th of July Care Package

I know I am slow but hopefully others can get ideas from my care packages and improve them for yourselves. I know looking at other people's care packages gave me good ideas! This is the 4th of July care package from this last summer while my husband was on the 31st MEU.

This was really easy. I got paint, paintbrushes, and construction paper, and some decorations and the Dollar Tree. I highly recommend the Dollar Tree for deployment care packages.

"Some lovers feel a spark. But I feel fireworks when I think of you!"

Dollar Tree goodies are the best because we all know they can't carry a bunch of crap with them. So once they are done playing they can just throw it away!! Or send sentimental things like pictures and things that are small and easy to tuck away.

The best thing is of course snacks!!! Homemade or store bought. You can never send enough snacks because they always have buddies (some that don't get care packages) that will help them eat it.

To keep everything from rolling around in there stuff it VERY tight. If anything seems like it could melt or explode (like chocolate or shampoo) put it in it's own zip lock baggie and wrap it in bubble wrap. Helps to keep it cool and safe. Keep your grocery bags from shopping because they are great for stuffing in there to take up room... TA - DA!

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