Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Easter Care Package

I need to catch up on posting pictures of all my care packages that I have made so others can get inspiration from them and hopefully make theirs ten times cuter!This is the Easter Care package I made for my brother in Iraq. I just got paint from the dollar tree (best place to shop for care package stuff!) and decorated a military flat rate box from the post office. I got the camo easter eggs at the dollar store too. They also have blue camo eggs for Navy! The chocolate photo suckers I actually won in a contest from Tina Marie's Custom Treats. They turned out so cute! One of the pictures is of their toddler holding his brand new little brother. The second one is of their twins that were born while he was deployed. He was able to be there for their birth but then had to leave them again for another 7 months or so.

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jessie said...

you are so talented! i wish i had the drive you have to do such cute projects! i still remember when you helped me decorate my house for Christmas! it was so gorgeous! love this care package!