Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So the majority of boys from me and my siblings generation had a mullet at some point in their sad childhood. I saw a school picture of Kelley in a yearbook once with a slicked back greasy mullet of doom. He said he just wore it down and long (like grunge rock style) and that it was all the same length and his mom made him slick it back JUST for the picture. But I was at his old friend, Kenzie's, house the other night and there was (junior high) picture after picture of amazing slicked back mullet glory. I have some of them. There is no way to deny it now. MUAHAHAHHA! short on the top, long in the back, slicked back on the sides. Oh yes. He is so adorable though, even with a his little mullet.


Bekah said...

Um, pictures, please? I would like to be a witness. Also, I showed my whole family Chris' Marshmallow Man picture. It was glorious.

Antje Hawk said...

HAHA! I forgot about marshmallow man. I dont have a scanner to show the pictures on here but I shall bring them to the baby shower or something for you.