Monday, November 2, 2009

Bella's first Halloween

This was Bella's first Halloween! Of course she doesn't care but I do. I couldn't find any newborn size costumes so I dressed her up in a glow in the dark skeleton onsesie and a tu tu. Idk what she was supposed to be but she looked cute. We had a BBQ (yes it's still warm enough here haha!) and some of our friends came over. It was pretty fun. We handed out candy and ran out because there were like a million people that came here. I think there were so many people because 1. a lot of people live in this subdivision 2. it's military housing so it's safe but it's located off base so anyone can come 3. they don't want to trick or treat at all the crack houses out in town. I went trick or treating with our friends and their kid while Kelley BBQed but I didn't get any candy because I couldn't carry the baby and a candy bag. Lame. I missed being home in Idaho because our family always has lots of fun going trunk or treating and hanging out and stuff but oh well. Ill have to stop wishing I was home and start my own traditions here....

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