Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marine Corps Birthday Ball Gown

I got my gown for the Marine Corps Ball in Las Vegas next weekend. I am soooo excited! It fits perfectly and it is so beautiful...the pictures don't even almost do it justice. Now I just have to find something for Bella. I think I will make her a tu tu dress that matches Kelley's dress blues... or maybe one that matches my dress idk yet. Anyways I got it from this etsy shop called Ferd. She was awesome and shipped it right away. Go check out her shop and see all the beautiful costumes she has created. I think most of them are in her sold items because everyone bought them for Halloween. There is also an adorable Nightmare Before Christmas outfit I REALLY want for Bella. I loooooove that movie so much!!! Anyways there are lots of unique random things in her shop so go check it out there is probably something in there for everyone.

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