Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ever since Bella was born she loved staring at these vintage peacocks I have hanging above the couch. I think because she could kind of see them when she was really little because of the contrast of them to the wall. Also I think she feels safe because I have spent most of my life on the couch with her healing and nursing her and watching movies with Kelley and playing on the computer. So she sees them and recognizes that this is her safe place. Anyways, recently she started smiling at them and now she laughs when she sees them. Kelley said that when he was watching her she was crying and the only thing that would comfort her was if he would hold her up so she could look at the peacocks...and she gooed and talked to them and told them about her bad time. Here is a video of Bella looking at the peacocks and talking to them.

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