Sunday, January 17, 2010

100 Facebook Fans Celebration giveaway!!! CLOSED

In celebration of reaching 100 Fans on my HawKrafts fan page on Facebook I am doing a FREE giveaway from my HawKrafts etsy shop. I am offering the winner one free item of their choice from my shop. If you win you can pick any item from my shop free of charge and with free shipping! (wedding dress not included sorry lol) Here are some of my favorites from my shop.

This pin up girl hand towel with a matching hot pot holder would be so cute to decorate a little housewife's kitchen!

This tank top looks like a corset decorated with lace and pearls!

I love this skirt. I sewed on a skull applique that I hand made and on the back there is a matching bow and some skull fabric ruffles!

~*!So here's how to enter!*~

  1. Go to my shop and pick the item you would want to win and leave one comment on this blog post telling me what it is! and/or....
  2. Leave one more comment telling me if you follow my blog and/or
  3. Leave one more comment telling me if you are my friend on myspace and/or
  4. Leave one more comment telling me if you are a fan on Facebook

(each comment counts as a seperate entry so you have a possibility of 4 entries! 4 chances to win! so leave 4 seperate comments)

*The winner will be chosen on the 20th of January. Make sure you check back to see if you won!

If you are unable to enter the contest here you can enter on facebook!


Fontanna said...

HALF OFF DAY OF THE DEAD necklace and Earring set
This is my favorite item only my ears aren't pierced. But i loves this necklace.

Bekah said...

Oh, I can't decide if I want Je t'aime mon petit chou fleur lace steampunk collar or Hawaiian Pin Up Girl Lacey Hand Towel or maybe something cute for one of my neices in GA. My sister's 4 year old wants a tutu... I really just can't decide... And congrats on 100 fans on facebook, Antje!

eleind said...

dEAD Pirate Headband is the awesome-est!

Fontanna said...

Friend on myspace

HALF OFF Skulltastic Lace Corset Tank grunge/punk

This item is Sweet.

Fontanna said...

freind on facebook

HALF OFF 80's ATTACK Giant Bow Pouf Headband - recycled

Laura said...

I favorite'd the pin-up pot holder/hand towel. I like heat in the kitchen! And the upcycled pink ribbon/jewelry hair piece.
Congrats on a successful campaign for your creative endeavors! Brava! Encore! oxo Laura

daisyzombie said...

HALF OFF Cotton Candy Cameo Cuff
It is so cute I would wear it everywhere!

daisyzombie said...

I follow your blog, even when it takes me to bad places.
Entry #2

daisyzombie said...

I'm your friend on facebook for reals 'yo!
Entry #3

daisyzombie said...

I'm your friend on myspace from outerspace.
Entry #4

Antje Hawk said...

thanks for your entries! I have 15 entries so your chances of winning are pretty high! I draw the winner tomorrow.