Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sleep Talking Man

So I read this really funny blog about a man who talks in his sleep almost every night and his wife records it. He says the craziest things!!! and in honor of it here are a couple of sleep talking quotes from my husband, Kelley. "You have to stop and realize just exactly what we have..." "Airborne Unit!!!" and one time my arm was stuck under his head and i tried to pull it out because it fell asleep and he suddenly grabbed my arm and said," *giggle giggle* You're trapped until the seals come..." It is so fascinating when he talks in his sleep. I should write down what he says.

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Chasity said... My hubby talks in his sleep sometimes. It's so funny because I TRY SO HARD to make out what he's saying but turns out it's just jibber

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Chasity =)