Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deployed Romance Idea #3

Idea #3
Send him a romantic package.

I looked up a ton of ideas and put together a little package for my husband using lots of different ideas. My package to him includes : a letter I sprayed with perfume (before writing otherwise the ink will spread all over) some lingerie undies (washed of course yuck!) and pictures of me in them. ( OMG BLUSH i can't believe i admitted that) I wrote a love quote on the back of each picture. I also took a crazy funny picture so that it wasn't too seriously cheesy. As a joke I looked for the cheesiest romance novel I could find and tore out a couple really funny graphic pages. The novel I found is called " A Pirate's Pleasure." LOL! The lover boy in it is even named Hawk! Which I didn't even realize when I bought the book. Since my husband is in the military he goes by his last name at work and so he is "Hawk" at work instead of Kelley. I thought it was a really funny coincidence. Also his bank card got cancelled so I send him a little cash with each letter. I put in a 20 dollar bill with a big lipstick smooch on it. Hope he likes it!!! This is so not like me cuz I have a REALLY hard time being romantic and cheesy. Plus I'm a huge prude. I hate PDA!

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