Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Failure surprise...too stupid to live!!!

So i failed miserably...me and my boyfriend tie dyed all these shirts with his friend travis and a couple turned out good but most of them failed. So i wanted to surprise him by doing some really good ones and then giving them to him. at first they were AMAZING and bright and perfect and beautiful. But i took the rubber bands off before they were dry enough and they started bleeding together so i threw them in the dryer to dry them before the colors mixed. but the dryer mixed all the colors together anyways. all the orange turned bright pink somehow and kelley wont wear pink. so they failed again... It was really dumb and only like one turned out good. i feel like crap. I really wanted them to turn out good. It is a sad day for antje. : ( im gonna give them to him anyways. at least he can use them to work in or something destructive like that so he doesnt ruin his nice clothes. or if he doesn't want them ill use them for fabric to sew stuff with. i'm so frustrated right now. i spent like all day trying to get them perfect. and they were perfect. but my impatience destroyed them!

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