Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So my family is pretty much female dominated. When my dad and brother were in Iraq there were only William and Michael to be the men of the family but they don't really count because they are more girlie than us girls. There were four teenage girls at one time in my parents house and ONE bathroom. Not to mention my mom, dad, chris, and william in the same house. but my sister shiloh is having a baby boy in september and my brother chris is having a boy in november so maybe the numbers will start evening out. anyways. blah blah blah.... right now there are 8 girls and 6 boys. so they are catching up pretty fast. when the two nephews decide to burst forth they will have us outnumbered....and maybe there is a small chance that someday i might be able to find a man that will marry me and that would add another boy to the family.