Monday, June 30, 2008


Well today i went to the ATM to get my rent money out. I usually get it out of the ATM at Albertsons in Emmett. At the Emmett ATM I just swipe my card and put it back in my wallet and go on with the transaction. But at the Albertsons here in Meridian the ATM sucks you card in and then spits it out at the end. So i just left my card in the ATM, thinking i had swiped it and returned it safely to my wallet. Well, i had to call in and cancel my card and i will receive a new one in 3-5 business days. lame....i guess i needed a new one anyways. Mine had a huge crack in it. Good thing i noticed it was gone before someone put me into debt.


ArmstrongShiz said...

art art re-re beaver. The picture is the best part of this story.

Michael & Shiloh said...

when i read this, "crazy" started playing on your music player... perfection!