Thursday, September 10, 2009

38 weeks

Well so much for being at four centimeters. I thought that meant it was time to have a baby! i guess not... my mom is flying down tomorrow. I hope Bella decides to cooperate and pop out while she is here. The transmission is going out on our car...again. They just rebuilt it a few months ago. It has a two year warranty so I guess they will just have to try again and get it right this time. Anyways that means Kelley has to borrow a car to go pick up my mom at the airport. This guy got a DUI so he isn't allowed to drive his car anyways. But idk what we are gonna do without a car if I go into labor. We have friends that will help us out it's just that I don't want to bug people at like three in the morning or something... oh well. lol.

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