Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Friends!

I finally got a washer and dryer. They were having a 10% off appliance sale with free delivery and plus we got a military discount on top of all of that. The first time we tried to pay they ran Kelley's card as debit and it got declined because it was over the daily limit of debit spending. They said we had to use a different form of payment. So we tried my card as credit and it got declined because for some reason I'm not allowed to run my card as credit (even though I have been to the bank and they have "fixed it" three times) We didn't have any other form of payment so we left. A couple days later I called the bank, "fixed" my card, and drove back to Home Depot. Left my wallet on the couch at home because I had it out while I was talking to the bank. Next day Kelley got home from training in the field and we went back to Home Depot again. The sale was over but they still let us have them with the sale and free delivery. My "fixed" card got declined as credit. Kelley's was approved and now I have my washer and dryer! I am also switching banks!!!!

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