Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Military Children Saying Goodbye 2

 Once again this summer we have military friends moving away. It's not always easy to find a friend that also has a child who is the same age as yours to be friends with too.
We got lucky this summer! Our neighbor has a daughter just a month younger than Bella and her mommy and I get along too. 
It's so nice to see them develop friendships and bonds.
 These girls would wake up wanting to see each other and spend the day playing and cat fighting and then fall asleep mumbling about each other haha.
 Bella was lucky that she got to spend her Birthday with Hailey, just two days before they moved across the country. She wanted Hailey to help blow out her 4 candles.

 Today they had to say goodbye.

Little Bella cried the saddest little cry and they gave BIG hugs and then after they left, she sang some sad little lullabies to herself about her Hailey. Hopefully they can be pen pals and Skype friends! I'll miss her mommy too! Sometimes it's nice to relax with another adult while the kids run wild.

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