Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Military Children Saying Goodbye

One of the hardest things is seeing our babies affected by military life. It was easy when it was just my husband and I, making decisions for two adults. But our little ones sometimes have a hard time understanding and adjusting. They didn't get a choice. 
 This is Bella and her best friend, Hayleigh. Last summer they were inseparable.

 But after a short summer of being best friends they had to say goodbye. For the next year Bella would always talk about her "faraway Hayleigh" and when she was picking something out she would always get "One for me, and one for Hayleigh."
One of the most amazing things about military life is reunions!!! I think sometimes we appreciate the time we do have with each other more because we know the time is short and don't want to waste it. This summer Hayleigh came back to visit. Her mom and I decided to meet at the park. I didn't tell Bella that Hayleigh was in town. When they saw each other from all the way across the field they ran as fast as they could yelling each others' names and then a big hug. I pretty much almost bawled to death.
Before she left after her visit, the girls made these pictures to hang in each others' rooms. They stamped their hand prints in Elmer's glue and then covered it in glitter with their initials. Then used frames from Dollar Tree.

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