Friday, September 6, 2013

Tutorial : How I Made Ribbon Wands with Bells

I got all of my supplies fairly cheap at Walmart. In the party/baking section you will find long cookie pop sticks. In the jewelry making and craft section you will find Head and Eye Pins, Split Rings, and Jingle Bells. Also in the fabric section you can find all of the ribbon you want.
First you take the eye pin and poke it into the top of the cookie stick. It goes in real easy. If you are super fancy you can use a dot of hot glue before you poke it in to keep it secure.

 Next I used the split rings to connect the bells to the eye pin.

 Now I cut the ribbon to my desired length and burned the ends a bit with a lighter so the ends don't unravel. I laid it out flat and put the stick on top.
 Add some hot glue.
 Then fold the ribbon over and let the hot glue dry. (These glue guns are inexpensive at Walmart and they sell packs of glue sticks at Dollar Tree.)
 Roll it up.
 I used a bit of tape to keep the ribbon rolled up but if you are super fancy you can use some thin ribbon or something to tie them shut.
 I also added some feathers to some of them! Just stick them in there before gluing and folding the ribbon over.
 Ta-da! Now you have super cute noise making party favors!!!

Can't wait for Bella's Ballerina 4th Birthday party coming up!

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